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  • MAY

05/5- 5/7: Leading sessions at The Muse and the Marketplace (Media Training; 7 Key Questions You Need to Answer to Successfully Publish Your Nonfiction Book; Pitch Perfect)


01/14- 4-10: Teaching Develop Your Nonfiction Book at GrubStreet



04/29: Leading two sessions at The Muse and the Marketplace (Media Training: Putting Your Best Foot Forward & 7 Key Questions You Need to Answer to Successfully Publish Your Nonfiction Book)




12/12: Intensive & interactive day-long class at the Cape Cod Writers’ Retreat: “Beat the Odds: Getting Your Nonfiction Book Published in Today’s Marketplace.” This is a wonderful place to learn and write in peace, supported by community.


11/6 & 11/7: Launch Lab 2015 cont’d (media training exercises & pitches)

11/4: “How to be a Successful Novelist in 38 Easy Steps” The Grub Daily


10/2  & 10/3: Running Grub Street’s 4th Annual “Launch Lab,” along with Lynne Griffin and visiting experts. For more information, see here.

10/7: “Questions That Can Drive Writers Crazy” The Grub Daily


9/2: “What to Watch Out for When You’re Writing Fiction Based on True Events” The Grub Daily


8/18: Interview with Fast Company on middles and leadership

8/6: “If You’re Seeking Success as a Writer…” The Grub Daily

  • JULY

7/2: “Busted: Two Book Launch Myths” The Grub Daily

  • JUNE

6/15: Reading Period open for The Launch Lab 2015. See here for application guidelines.

6/4: “If Your Novel Needs More Urgency and Momentum…” The Grub Daily

  • MAY

5/7: “Key Elements of a Novel’s Critical First Pages” The Grub Daily

5/ 1 – 3: The Muse and the Marketplace (Boston Park Plaza): Shoptalk table leader; Media Training seminar


4/2:  “Why Mood Matters When Reading and Revising Your Book” The Grub Daily


3/5: “What Breaking Bad Teaches Us About Writing Novels” The Grub Daily


2/2: “How Writers Can Be More Productive” The Grub Daily


1/1: “A Writer Toys With Creating an Online ‘Brand” The Grub Daily



12/6: Final Launch Lab session & Launch Lab Reunion Cocktail Party

12/4: “Dealing With Bad Reviews: Facing Our Fears as Writers” The Grub Daily


11/7 – 11/8: Second Launch Lab session

11/6: “What Not to Do in a Radio Interview” The Grub Daily


10/3 & 10/4: Running Grub Street’s 3rd Annual “Launch Lab,” along with Lynne Griffin and visiting experts. For more information, see here.

10/14: I’m on the Marilu Henner Show!

10/2: “If You’re Trying to Write a Book, Try Playing This Game” The Grub Daily


9/4: “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression: On Introducing Characters” The Grub Daily


8/21: “Readings for Writers: Pick of the Week” The Grub Daily

8/5: “The Writing Conference High (or Low) Has Waned: Now What?” The Grub Daily

8/7: “On Faking it: Is it Ever Okay?” The Grub Daily

  • JUNE

6/15 – 7/15: Reading Period for The Launch Lab 2014. See here for application guidelines.

6/6: “How Do You Know When Bad Writing is Really, Truly Hopeless?” The Grub Daily

  • MAY

5/3: 8:15 – 2:25 The Marketplace Clinic @The Muse (The Park Plaza Hotel, Boston):

Aligning Social Media, Developing Networks, Finding and Cultivating Readers

Building a Community of Readers

3:45pm – 4:45pm Baby Weight: Moms Who Write Share Tips

5/2: 8:15am – 12pm The Marketplace Clinic @The Muse (The Park Plaza Hotel, Boston): Crafting Mission Statements and Defining Goals

Shop Talk Table Leader


3/6: “The Perfect Writing Space… Does it Exist?” The Grub Daily


2/6: “Do You Strive to Be a Brilliant Writer or Good Enough?” The Grub Daily



12/6: Last day of Launch Lab


11/7: “Projectile Vomit, The X-Factor and Writing” The Grub Daily

11/5: “Lessons from a Ten-Day Writers Retreat” The Grub Daily

11/17 – 12/5: Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center

11/1 & 11/2: Second Launch Lab session


10/11: “Truth Telling in Blogging: Do you feel like a fraud?” The Grub Daily

10/4 & 10/5: I’ll be running Grub Street’s 2nd Annual “Launch Lab,” along with Lynne Griffin and visiting experts.  For more information, see here.


9/5: “Alone Together at Launch,” The Grub Daily


8/1: “An Editing Binge: Burp!” The Grub Daily

Reading period for applications to 2013 Launch Lab program. See here for guidelines.

  • JULY

7/1: “Locked Up,” The Grub Daily

  • JUNE

6/25: “Should You Take Kids on Vacation?” article, LearnVest Media online

6/8: Teaching “Media Training for Authors,” Grub Street, 10am-5pm.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.39.20 AM

6/7: “What’s the Biggest Myth About Self Publishing?” The Grub Daily

6/3: Appeared on HuffPost LIVE panel on middle children (click image to watch)

  •  MAY

5/11: Teaching “Write Your Query or Pitch Letter in One Day,” Grub Street, Boston,   10am-5pm

5/5: “A Logical Approach to a Successful Book Launch,” panelist, 11:15am-12:30 pm

5/4: The Muse and the Marketplace Shop Talk Lunch Table,  12:45-2:00 pm

5/4: “Non-Fiction Idea Clinic,” panelist,  2:15pm-3:30 pm

5/2: “Treasure or Junk? Notes From a Muse Past” The Grub Daily


4/25: Finalized deal to ghostwrite book on raising wealthy children. Yay!

4/12: Teaching “Writing a Killer Nonfiction Book Proposal,” Grub Street, 10am-5pm

4/4: “In the Line of Fire: Surviving Submissions” The Grub Daily

  •  MARCH

3/15: Teaching “How to Talk About Your Book at a Cocktail Party,” Grub Street, 10:30am-1:30pm


2/24: Participating in Grub Street’s “Day of Consultations”

2/7: “So What Does it Mean to be a Working Writer?” The Grub Daily

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